Thursday, December 05, 2013

Situation Normal, All F***** Up.

Do people even read blogs anymore?  Lately writing a blog post feels like tossing a note in a bottle into the ocean.  Maybe it's true that blogs are becoming less relevant than Instagram and Twitter - that seems sad.  How do you build a friendship on Instagram or Twitter?

I have no idea what kind of audience my posts get - one random post was viewed 1100 times, but didn't get one comment - that doesn't make sense to me!

Anyway.  Life has been interesting lately.  In the space of three days - three major, life-changing, events.  My sister had a baby (wonderful), my boyfriend lost his mind (horrifying) and my already ill Mum has gotten dramatically worse (extremely scary).  I'm flying to the UK to care for her and lick my wounds.

The coat has not progressed at all (though I may get some sewing in tomorrow with Raye Ann).

Anyway… if you are interested in sewing, and live in Wiltshire… or even London or surrounding areas! Let me know.  I'd love to meet up.  I anticipate being in the UK till mid-Jan.


Marianne said...

Just reacting to let you know people are reading your blog! Commenting is not easy, perhaps due to your settings? Not possible from the Bloglovin frame or from my iPad. Sorry to hear about the rough patch!

oonaballoona said...

true for me too, i'm on a tablet and i'm chipping this comment out like it's meade of stine! yep thise errrs are gonna stay. oh good lord. i hope you're okay!!!

my security word (which cd also keep peeps from commenting?) is stress. (and something unintelligible) yikes.

Caroline said...

ha! Stress and Yikes. That about sums up my life lately. I do appreciate having a blog on which to self-indulgently vent. I am surrounded by people with much more pressing life events than mine - so it's nice to have virtual friends to listen to me whine ;-)

barbara said...

blogs get read and not just by other bloggers. keep the faith. we're out here.

Lisa Laree said...

I frequently look at my blogs and wonder if I'm talking to myself...but sitemeter does say that there are a few folks stopping by.

Just rarely commenting.

But, yeah, I rarely comment myself. So I guess it's fair.

But I'm subscribed to TigerFeet via The Old Reader, so I'm reading. Just not clicking through to comment very often. :-)

But I'll holler like Horton's Whos...we are here! we are here!

erika said...

just catching up on your blog (love it!). i had no idea you were such a little seamstress!

sorry to hear about your mom and your man. getting out of lala land might be a nice change. take care (and if you ever want to gossip about Scandal, hit me up!)

Amy said...

I'm way late on commenting on this, but I wanted to say that I DO still read blogs as much as ever, and I am always looking for new ones. I follow a lot of bloggers on Instagram too. I have sort of abandoned my own blog though, mostly because I hate posing for pictures. It's easier to snap a pic of it on my dress form and put it on Instagram.

I'm sorry about your mom and your boyfriend; hope everything is better.