Wednesday, January 01, 2014

So, what happened next?

The last month has been a blur.  My relationship ended in one terrible therapy session, my Mom had a serious fall and broke her hip, and I packed up my life in one 23 kilo bag (thanks Air New Zealand) and came to the UK on a one-way ticket.

It's been hard.  I've been learning all about the intricacies of the NHS, found my Mom a horrifyingly expensive retirement home (she's only 72… which makes it even worse) and done little else other than sit and stare at the gales that have torn our garden to pieces and blown down trees all over our lane.


 One of my core philosophies is "don't look back."  I ignored this philosophy when I agreed to move back from Wyoming to give my relationship a second chance.  Dumb choice.  However, here are some lessons learned that I'll carry forward into 2014:

  • The smaller the town, the happier I am.  My friends keep encouraging me to move to NYC, or London, or other mega-cities but the reality is I get lost in those places.  
  • I need wilderness to be happy.  Trees and green and animals and sky.  Non-negotiable.
  • Sewing friends are the best friends.  You guys know who you are!  It made a huge difference to my life in LA to meet a group of like-minded women as warm and creative and as much fun as my sewing group.
  • Listen to yourself.  I knew it was probably a mistake to move back with my ex.  But I ended up giving him almost three more years of my life.  We had some incredible experiences together, and I'm grateful for those, but I wish I'd listened to myself and saved myself a lot of grief.
  • Buprenorphine is the devil.  I'll save this story for IRL friends, but watching someone you love be torn apart by this drug is truly awful.  If you or a loved one is trying to come off of a prescription pill jones then read up on this stuff before you agree to take it. 
  • Sewing… sewing!  I've done some, I swear.  but it has taken a back seat to all the insanity of the last six weeks.  My coat is almost done and that will be my next post.
Happy 2014 people!

Benedict Cumberbath for no other reason than he makes life a little bit better….


lazylinchen said...

All the best for 2014! After what I've read, it's almost sure to be better than 2013.
Good luck and good strength.

SEWN said...

May 2014 bring joy back to your life. And sewing! Happy new year!

Jill said...

Does this mean we aren't going to see you anytime soon? That makes me sad. Ah well, such is life.
Hoping you find some peace in this new year and your mama heals quickly.
Happy New Year!!

Ravenna said...

I just linked over from Lolita.

My mom fell and broke her hip about a month ago too! And...Benedict is *love* :)

Good luck moving forward and I look forward to reading your future posts.