Monday, March 31, 2014

Lady Gaga sews?

I'm not a Lady Gaga fan.  I appreciate the commitment to her creation, but it all feels very forced and not particularly original to me.  As Madonna once (very cuttingly) said; "she's reductive." i.e., making a simpler and cruder version of something that was once original.   Clearly she's also popular, since she's constantly on the cover of the various glossy magazines I love so much.

Still, this quote from the new issue of Porter jumped out at me.  It's in the text at the bottom:

I wonder what Lady Gaga sews.  Does she have skills?  Does she prefer a centered, lapped or invisible zipper?  Does she pad-stitch?  If she pad-stitched, would she wear the pad-stitching on the outside?  Can a Singer handle a slab of meat?  Feathers?

I don't know about you, but I'd buy a "Vogue Patterns by Gaga" pattern, just for the fun of it.  


Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

I bet it's her sister that sews and she'd just be in the apartment hanging out smoking! *LOL* BTW, I agree with Madonna - Lady Gaga is Madonna lite.

Amy said...

Her sister is a fashion student so she's probably just smoking and watching her sew! That would be cool if she actually sewed though.

Catherine Daze said...

I'd like to see her fabric picks. I bet she'd come up with some amazing pattern/fabric combos!

Ms. McCall said...

I personally dislike Madonna, her music, her voice, her general personality. I actually think Lady Gaga can sing, so in my opinion, just based on how well they do their actual 'job', I'd give the edge to Lady Gaga over Madge any day of the week.

As for the sewing, I guess it shouldn't be surprising that she can sew a little. I'm guessing that before she had designers falling over themselves trying to get her to wear their stuff, Stefani had to improvise herself to find things wacky enough for Lady Gaga

Kat said...

HA! We should tweet her and find out!

blog said...

I love the Lady Gaga patterns idea. McCall's does the celebrity patterns thing -- you should write to them and suggest it!

- Sarah (PatternVault)